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Matthew Shaw.


I have 5+ years software QA experience plus 1 year development experience, Any good developer knows quality assurance is the most important part of any development cycle, having high quality test code can ensure high quality production code.



C# .net core + Framework

Good experience in building and testing web applications in C# .NET I have also build testing frameworks based on selenium web driver using spec flow and cucumber following the Page object design pattern see my portfolio for example 


Web app Testing

Extensive experience in testing HTML, CSS and JavaScript based web apps this includes;

* Regression Testing

* Exploratory Testing 

* Mobile App Testing (Manual)

* Automated Web App testing



Expensive experience in building tests cases using Selenium in combination with Spec flow and Cucumber (Gherkin) directly in C# code (not ide)


Team City + Jira

Experience using Team City to deploy to staging environment  and Jira as a bug and feature tracking tool. I also like to use Smart Git as my Source control tool with bitbucket or GitHub. Continuous integration from text to production is an important part of software development cycle   

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02 Education

University of Westminster

Bachelor Computer Science BSc
Grade Awarded: 2:1

Basildon College 

BTEC National IT Practitioner
Grade Awarded: 2:1

Basildon College

5+ GCSE's including English, Math's
Grade Awarded: A to C

03 Experience


PDL Finance (Mr Lender)

Customer Service Agent

Speaking with customers directly regarding account information
Responding to customer queries via email
Updating our in house system to ensure all data was correct


PDL Finance (Mr Lender)

Software Tester 
Testing tickets completed by Devs (manual and automated testing scenarios)
Updating Jira ticket with information related to outcome of testing
Building the testing framework in selenium and C#
Using Spec Flow and cucumber to write to test scenarios to ensure 100% test coverage
Leading a small team of QA staff member to help with test plan on big upcoming projects
Working with Developers and CTO to establish ticket requirements and update Jira with screen designs (where needed) 

2017- Present

PDL Finance (Mr Lender)

Lead Software QA Engineer & Junior Developer
Take on small to medium size tickets to completion (between 1 - 3 points) in any given sprint
Estimating Tickets provided by line manager
Writing the specification and time required to complete any give jira ticket
Fixing any bugs that are raised by the QA on production
Monitor the Error coming in from production and fix any urgent bugs
Work on Solo Ad hoc projects need by the CEO or CTO, these were stand alone sites with basic CRUD actions
Complete daily stand ups and work with other departments or team members on "Epic" projects 




Rather than use OneDrive or Google Drive I decided to try and create my own data store system from scratch. I created the database using MS SQL server and Entity framework and built the application using ASP. Net Standard and MVC J-Query and integrated external API's e.g. Tiny MCE


I took this opportunity to create an attendance log for my team, using technologies/languages I was not not familiar with. this log would need to log daily attendance, book annual leave for each employee and display this information is a calendar to view at a glance. I created this log using mainly AngularJS v1 , MVC .NET and entity framework.



This is a small project looking at POM (page object model) design pattern, I initially started this because i didn't like the idea of passing around the selenium web driver when i want to access a element on a page. I wanted a clean solution that would make it easy to write tests for any given page, but also when working on a project where the IU is constantly changing I needed the solution to be efficient and easy to maintain i.e. update CSS selector when UI changes


This little project was the start of a bigger project to allow QAs to create features/ tests save and run them without the need for visual studio. We did not fully complete the project but the core idea was achieved I wrote this little app using AnguarJS v1, Selenium and Signal R



This little app allows a user to upload and file or string if text directly to a DB (converts to a byte array) and also encrypts the file before saving. and then allows a user to set a passcode to access the file. as soon as the file has been accessed with the correct passcode it the app will delete the file, as part of this project i also created a job to delete the file after 5 mins. I created this application using DotNet AngulaurJS and Entity framework

API Testing

As a Automated Engineer in test its important to know and understand how API work as ensure they are working as expected is a common task I required to do. I always refer to Rest Sharp an equivalent of Rest Assured but written in C# not Java. it makes  the process of API testing much simpler and provides handy helper methods to help flesh out some good test cases. I have written an example of how I normally use Rest Sharp in the this test project for RandomiseAPI project (more info below). for this project I used Nunit 3 as the test runner


Randomise API 

This application I wrote solely in .NET Core Web API 3.1, using Entity framework core and SQL Sever. It allows the user to specify custom values and it will return random items from the datasets based on what the user has specified in there API request. (i.e. they can return 3 random words with a max length of 4). I created this application on Azure App service and use Dev Ops as the release pipeline. So every time I push to "Master" it automatically builds and releases the site. It provided me a great insight into Azure Dev ops and Release pipelines. 

Powerful Computer

The best place to contact me is LinkedIn however you can also use this form contact for to get in touch.



Please do not contact me advertising any courses you would like me to join, if you have a job opportunity  you think i would be perfect for please email me the job spec to

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